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Linz impressions & new hair color!

Linz, Österreich 9/05/2014

Hallo meine Lieben :) 

Gestern habe ich spontan einen Tag im wunderschönen Linz verbracht und meine
Eindrücke möchte ich heute mit euch teilen! Außerdem habe ich mir vor einigen Tagen die Haare getönt; Ich hatte ja zuvor diesen Ombré-Style aber da ich den mit dem Sommer assoziiere und der Herbst/Winter jetzt langsam vor der Tür steht bin ich doch wieder ins dunklere gegangen!

XO, Persian Princess

P.S.: Ich plane wine back-to-school-Reihe zu star ten also stay tuned!

Hey guys :) 

I spent my day in Linz, Austria yesterday and I want to share my impressions with you!
I've also dyed my hair a few days ago because to me the ombé-hairstyle I used to have
refers to summer and as it's kind of already fall now, I decided to go darker again :)

XO, Persian Princess

P.S.: I'm planning on doing a back-to-school series on my blog so stay tuned!!

city center of Linz

endless love for frozen yogurt 

                         café/ bar/ restaurant Sky Garden in Linz with a beautiful view over the city

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  1. Thank you so much for following me on bloglovin, i have followed you back!
    The frozen yogurt looks amazing, i will have to try some sometime!

  2. Hello.
    I’ve nominated you for the Libster Award. Check this post for more information:

  3. You are beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Austria...maybe one day. Love your pictures and am def. following you on bloglovin! Have you thought about doing a post on what make up you use? Your skin looks amazing in the pics above so I would love to know your secrets ;)
    xx Grace

    1. Thank you so much Grace!! That's a great idea, haven't thought about it yet but I'll note it down and maybe there'll be a post on my make up, soon! :)
      XX, Selin


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