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Nomination for the Liebster award!


Hey guys :) 

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by the sweet Jo from Jo's nook, so I'll answer her questions right now and below you can find my own questions and the rules for the ones I nominate!
The answers, questions and rules will be written in English and German.
Have fun!

XO, Persian Princess

Hallo meine Lieben :) 

Heute mal ein etwas anderer Post: und zwar bin ich von Jo von Jo's nook für den Liebster Award nominiert worden also werde ich jetzt ihre Fragen beantworten. Weiter unten findet ihr meine Fragen und die Regeln! Die Antworten, Fragen und Regeln findet ihr jeweils auf Englisch und Deutsch.
Den Nominierten und Lesern viel Spaß!

XO, Persian Princess

Jo's questions:

1. If your house was on fire, what thing would you grab first?
Probably my phone, just can't go without it! :D 

2. Are you a day person or a night person?
That is a hard question because I'd say kind of both, I need the day to do stuff like work 
and sports but I also love to go out at night and to watch some movies.. So I think its 50/50

3. What's your biggest pet peeve?
I definitely hate it when someone has bad manners when it comes to eating, e.g. if someone 
talks with food in their mouth; Ahh horrible 

4. What's your favorite makeup brand?

5. What's the makeup item that you can't live without?

6. Biggest advice anyone ever gave to you?
To never wait for my luck to come around itself but to chase it, which basically means you should 
take chances and not fear trying out  something new and different to make your dreams come true

7. Considering high school, which one do you consider yourself to be?
-The nerdy?
-The popular?
-The girl nobody sees?

okay that sounds weird now but probably the popular kid 

8. Why? (related to last question)
because I'm not nerdy at all, I'm 
also not really shy and definitely not an Emo! 

9. Can you go outside without makeup?
Yes, I can 

10. If you only had one shop, to go shopping for clothes for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
I think H&M or Zara because that's where I buy most of my clothes anyway 

My nominees:

2) Maria (
3) Fuurin Diary (
4) Hanitra (
5) Beautiful Life as I know it (
6) Alice Fairweather (
7) Lissie (
8) Becky (
9) Cloud Chloe (
10) Roula (
11) Isabel de Kievit (

My questions:

1) Why did you start blogging? / Warum hast du mit dem bloggen angefangen?
2) If you were only allowed to use one make-up item for the rest of your life, which one would it be? / Wenn du für den Rest denies Lebens nur notch ein Make-up Teil benutzen dürftest, welches wäre es?
3) Your favorite qoute? / Dein liebstes Zitat?
4) Who's your role model when it comes to blogging? / Welcher Blogger ist rein Vorbild?
5) Your favorite city? / Lieblingsstadt?
6) Your favorite season? / Deine liebste Jahreszeit?
7) Do you prefer cooking or baking? / Kochst oder backst du limber?
8) Would you rather live in the city of your dreams and have you dream job without a family or would you prefer living with your family (for example your husband and some kids) in the suburbs as a housewife? / Würdest du lieber in der Stadt denier Träume mit deinem Traumjob leben aber alleine sein oder würdest du dich entscheiden, mit deiner kleinen Familie (Kinder und Ehemann) in einem Vorort leben und aber Hausfrau sein?
9) Pants or a skirt? / Hose oder Rock?
10) What's on your Wishlist (material things)? / Welche materiellen Dinge stehen auf deiner Wishlist?

last but not least: the rules (Regeln):

- you must link back the person who tagged you / Du musst die Person, die dich getaggt hat verlinken
- you must answer all of my questions / Du musst alle meine Fragen beantworten
- you must come up with ten other questions on your own / du musst dir selbst 10 andere Fragen überlegen
- you must tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers / du musst 11 andere blogger, mit unter 200 followern nominieren

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  1. Good day, Selin! I've answered all your questions here!
    Thanks very much for the opportunity! ^^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

  2. My post will be up tomorrow ! Thank you Selin!!

  3. Thank you for nominating me, my post will be up this week xx

  4. Congrats on the nomination! Loved reading this post


  5. I've uploaded my post, and would love for you to check it out x


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