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Dyson Supersonic Review - Is it worth its price?

München, Deutschland 7/21/2017

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Apart from the right shampoo, conditioner and what not my blow dryer also is a very crucial part of my hair routine. When I was younger I didn’t feel the need to invest in a good blow dryer up until the point where my hair completely dried out and two blow dryers literally exploded while I was doing my hair. No kidding, there were actual electric sparks followed by me jumping up and down like a scalded cat. Fortunately nothing happened to me but I never touched those life threatening tools again, as you can probably imagine. That was when I started to appreciate more expensive hair dryers and I guess ultimately when it comes to hair tools, quality usually does come at a higher price. So after having experienced those minor accidents I was really keen on finding the perfect one and tried a few different models. I couldn’t get around using a blow dryer most of the time as my hair is quite thick and it would take me hours to get it dry naturally but by trying out new blow dryers I realized that there’s much more to them than just drying you hair. With a good blow dryer you can also create really pretty hairstyles.

So because of this whole history I was even more excited to be able to test the new Dyson Supersonic at its presentation at Bayrischer Hof in Munich last thursday (some of you might recall it from my Instagram story). 

Presentation of the new Dyson Supersonic 

First of all we got to find out more about Dyson and the new Supersonic. Now I’m not an engineer so I won’t even try to use technical terminology here, so to keep it short and simply: What the engineers at Dyson try to do is to make our every day live a little easier. To make sure damaged hair and heavy tools are the least of our worries. And with that thought in mind they created a blow dryer that’s never been there before. A pretty light-weight tool that makes blow drying and styling your hair as easy as possible. And also I want to mention at this point that Dyson gives their engineers the possibility to pitch their own ideas if they come up with something new and that’s also what they did with the Supersonic. Love that room for creativity you’re offering! But now on to the more imgportant part for those of you who are interested in purchasing it:

What does the Dyson Supersonic offer and how much does it cost? 


I already got the chance to get a little hairdo at the event and thereby already had a quick glance at the product and it’s functions but of course I couldn’t wait to really look into it when I got home. So I opened the package and first of all saw that it came with three different nozzles: A smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffusor. Also there’s a non-slip mat and a storage hanger included. Apart from the hot air you also have the option to switch to cold air. LED lights on two sides (left and right) will let you know the intensity and also the temperature of your airflow (there’s 4 different settings you can choose from for each of those). 

The smoothing nozzle is there for drying your hair gently and that definitely isn’t a false promise. Most hair dryers I have tried did a good job at drying my hair but unfortunately made my scalp feel as if it was on fire after a while. It felt really hot and uncomfortable so I had to take breaks within drying my hair but with the Dyson Supersonic I don’t have that problem at all. I must admit that at first I wasn’t so sure if it was actually going to dry my hair fast enough as the airflow felt so gentle (and I apparently assumed that only uncomfortably hot air would dry your hair fast enough…) but it somehow miraculously did. I don’t have to blow dry forever and my scalp’s not itchy afterwards. The styling concentrater is perfect for very precise and controlled styling and lastly the Diffuser is ideal for curls and helps reduce frizz - here they recommend using low temperature though. 

Now you’re probably wondering how much this magical tool I’m talking about the whole time even costs and unfortunately I will probably disappoint some of you at this point as it indeed is quite pricey. I think it’s even one of the most expensive hair dryers on the market at the moment as it sells for 400 Euros / Dollars.

So is it worth the price?

how the Dyson Supersonic looks from the inside

I think that’s a bit hard to answer as it very much depends on what you happily spend a bigger amount of money on. I personally love my hair and think the Dyson Supersonic for sure is the best blow dryer I have personally ever owned so for me it’s worth it. Would I buy it from my own money? I’m not sure but it would definitely be an amazing present to receive so I guess I would wish for something like this for my Birthday or Christmas (if someone asked me what I wanted) because I feel like it will last me forever and I will get some really good use out of it - better invest 400 Euros once instead of buying a new blow dryer every two months and thereby also damage your hair. But that’s just me, so I think you just have to make a pros and cons list for yourselves. But if you are explicitly looking for a really good blow dryer then I’d say go for it.

Thanks again to Dyson for my new blow dryer and also special thanks to Rosalie from the Shan Rahimkhan team who made my hair look flawless that day! xx

All photos were taken by Marina Scholze .

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  1. Also ob ich nun so viel Geld für einen Föhn ausgeben würde, ist ja mal dahingestellt. Aber das Design ist der oberhammer!

    Allerliebste Grüße,

    1. Ja da gebe ich dir recht, das haben sie echt toll hinbekommen! xx

  2. Super cooler Beitrag <3 Ich fand das Event wirklich toll und der Fön ist absolut top <3
    Hab einen wundervollen Sonntag <3
    Liebste Grüße

    1. Fand ich auch! :) danke, die noch einen schönen Start in die Woche!

  3. Hallo meine Liebe:)

    Wow ist das ein schöner Fön- ich mag das hochwertige Design von Dyson sehr gerne:-).

    Hab einen schönen Abend:)
    Ganz liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, liebe isa, da muss ich dir recht geben. Das Design macht wirklich was her! :)


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