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How to Style Mules

München, Deutschland 7/31/2017

Mules - the shoe everyone’s suddenly been wearing again since last summer. I’m sure we’ve all seen fashionistas walk around in the famous Gucci mule but you don’t have to spend 600 Euros on a shoe in order to rock this summer it-piece. There are also many cheaper versions that look just as fab!

Okay, so let’s say you found your perfect mule. But now how do you even style it? What does it go with? 

When putting together a look that goes with your mule there’s one major thing you have to keep one thing in mind: More is more! Don’t make the mistake of going with a mini skirt - this is not the shoe for nude skandals, believe me. Pairing this shoe with a short skirt will simply make your leg look oddly naked and not in a sexy way. Chances are you’ll look like you tried to look stylish and elegant but didn't succeed. If you really feel the urge to go with a rather short skirt at least try to make it a casual look. Go for rather casual mules (nothing to fancy) and throw on a simple shirt or sweater to compensate the naked leg. A mid-length skirt or dress is fine though and will complement the shoe.

Another tricky piece are denim pants. Skinny denim jeans usually don’t work with the shoe. Anything that shoes a little ankle and has a wide-leg cut  - no matter if it’s boyfriends jeans or culottes - will look great with mules, same thing goes for jumpers. Better keep it a little baggy when going for this shoe.

And lastly (and probably the easiest way to wear) them: black pants (as you can see them here). I personally decided to keep it as simple as possible with the pants and rather compliment the pop of red with a matching shirt. It of course depends on the style and color of your personal favorite mule but whenever there’s a catchy color statement going on, I think it’s best to either go with that color in the accessories or the shirt or to even go with a mono colored look. 

When do I best wear them?

So as you might have noticed now mules might not be the best choice for a very hot summer day, as they’re best paired with cropped jeans. So I’d suggest wearing them in spring or fall when the temperatures allow you to go with more baggy styles. Other then that you can still go with the mid-length summer dress version which will for sure be a cute summer look for any occasion, as they usually are a very comfortable choice for a high heel because of their big and bulky heel. 

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photos taken by Therubinrose / edited by me

Mule inpso: Shop the look

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  2. Ein sehr schöner Look! Steht dir wunderbar. :) Du hast die Schuhe richtig gut in dein Outfit eigebunden.



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