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München, Deutschland 7/04/2017

Blogging is kind of like a roller coaster. There’s ups and downs and every once in a while you have to take a turn. Sometimes a rather quick one. At least that’s how I see it. My style and articles have changed a lot ever since I’ve started, basically everything’s changed if I think about it, but hey that’s life. I don’t think you always have to stick with one way from the beginning to the end in order to make it. I think it’s totally normal that a blog evolves, just like our personalities do. You just gott to see what makes sense, drop the ideas that don’t and simply enjoy the journey. 

Just let go of it

One thing that’s made blogging less enjoyable for me personally in the last few weeks and months was the fact that I always wrote my articles in two languages - German and English. A strategy I started out with and wanted to stick with no matter what. But at some point it just got too much work. It’s not the writing in one particular language that’s caused me troubles but the time  and effort I had to put into every post and as you all know I even translated the column into the second language - with all its details and emotions. And at some point I just didn't write anything because it wasn’t fun anymore. So I figured I had to give up one language after all. (Also it’s not that useful to write in two different languages from a SEO point of view anyways.)

So I gave the whole thing a good and long thought: ‘I live in Germany right now so it probably makes more sense to write in German.’ versus ’But I want as many people as possible to be able to read what I have to say.’. At the end of the day I decided to continue writing my articles in English, mainly because more people can read it, no matter where in the world I decide to settle down at in the future. Because honestly I don’t know if I’ll stay in Germany always and forever. Maybe at the end of the day I will, but who knows. And I love traveling. And I want everyone I meet along the way to be able to tune in. So long story short, I’m just going to give it a shot and if it works great - if it doesn’t… well we’ll see then. As I said, I am open to change.

Exam season has begun
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So apart from my world changing thoughts on the blog I am currently stuck in students’ favorite nightmare: exam season. Just lovely. So apart from studying like a crazy person there’s not much happening in my life right now. Still I am attending some events in the next few weeks and have exciting work dates I am looking forward to, that keep things spicy around here.

Plus I have just booked another short trip in August and am planning some work and university related things for fall, that I will share with you once things are more organized and sorted out. All in all I am very goal oriented right now and just want to get things done. I am more than half way through with my studies and just really want to do a good job in these final semesters.

Silver Tod’s Gommino Mokassins on Sale & black ruffled top

photos taken by Therubinrose // edited by me

Now I want to present to you some the newest favorite pieces in my closet. These silver Tod’s gommino mokassins and this black ruffled top. So many of you have been asking me about both of these pieces so I want to reveal where I got them from. Those tod’s were a true treasure find, as I got them for 60% off at a local outlet center and they’re not only in perfect condition but also from the current collection. I just love that they are a real eye-catcher and still go with almost everything! And I also got good news for you: I found them ON SALE online! So if you’re interested in purchasing them yourself just click this link which will directly take you to my new silver tod’s gommino mokassins*. My top is from Zara but it seems to be sold out, so unfortunately you won’t be able to get this exact same one anymore but I linked some alternatives for you below. 

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