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Fall/Winter Trend 2017/18: Lamé & Lurex


Lametta doesn’t only come in handy in regards to Christmas decoration, it’s also related to one of the big trends for fall/winter 2017/18: Metallic colors, lurex and lots of glitter. No matter if it’s metallic silver (p)leather skirts, shiny lamé dresses or the more subtle lurex shirt - there’s no need to save it with the sparkles this time around.

What’s “lurex“? What’s “lamé“?

Now we all know what glitter is but what exactly is “lurex“ and what’s “lamé“? Fashion magazines always expect everyone to understand the terminology behind new trends but as we’re in a very reader-friendly environment here and I thought maybe not all of you follow along runway shows on a regular basis, I figured why not explain to you really quickly what these terms even mean.

So lurex is a type of metallic-looking yarn that’s made from synthetic film. Onto this synthetic film there’s a metallic layer (aluminium, silver or gold) being vaporized. It’s a very popular materials for movie costumes, so whenever you see a shiny dress on TV, it’s probably made of lurex. And lamé is a type of fabric that’s woven with thin ribbons of metallic fiber; it also comes in gold, silver and various other colors. There’s different kinds of lamé, as for example hologram lamé or pearl lamé depending on how the threads have been composed in the fabric. This fabric obviously isn’t something you use for every day clothing and is therefore mostly used for dance costumes or evening dresses. Fun fact: It’s also being used for fencing jackets! 

photos taken by Therubinrose / edited by me

How to wear the trend

Okay now that you all know what I’m even talking about the only remaining question is how to style and wear those pieces. When it comes to glitter in general I always try to keep it simple with everything else. So when I am for example wearing a glitter shirt, I’d go for black pants or a black skirt to make sure I don’t look like a disco ball and still keep that classy touch to my look. And if I decided to go for a lamé dress for example I’d make sure to wear mono colored shoes and accessories with it.

In my particular look chose a striped lurex body with silver and blue threads and paired it with a really old pleated skirt my mom used to wear when she was about my age - Isn’t it crazy how all the trends come back around as years go by? There’s dark blue in both the body and the skirt so I thought they’d be a great match. Also to compliment the silver elements in the body I went for my beloved silver glitter heels I got on sale at H&M a few months back. I think this look is a real eye-catcher while still being elegant and chic. What do you think of it? 

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  1. Hallo Liebes :)
    Ein ganz wundervolles Outfit! Die Kombination steht dir total gut <3

    Liebe Grüße, Caro :*

  2. Ein wirklich süßer Look der Dir besonders gut steht.
    Sehr schöne Bilder, Deine kessen Blicke über die Schulter gefallen mir besonders gut.
    Alles Liebe


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