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All-time favorite meets trend-piece: Leather skirt and metallic silver sandals

München, Deutschland 9/20/2017

I guess now I really have admit that it’s over… and that it’s time to move on. No, I’m not talking about an ex-lover, I’m talking about summer of course! Summer’s gone and fall’s arrived here in Germany and let me tell you, it’s not been a smooth transition. In fact fall’s made quite the entrance. Cold, rain, storm. So now it’s time to share my last summer-ish look with you and move on to sweaters and coats. Although there is one piece in this look, that will accompany me on my way to knit and and sweater weather. It’s those cute little heels that are really big in fall/winter 2017. 

I already mentioned the glitter & lamé trend in a previous blog post, so it’s no surprise sparkly heels are a thing, too in this season. In that blog post I also showed you a pair of really glittery heels that I love and that are the perfect example for this season’s glitter shoe trend, but if you want to go for a more timeless version, I definitely recommend a pair similar to the one’s I’m wearing. They practically go with any outfit and are chic but still very casual, so you can always dress them up or down. They look great with a pair of skinny jeans, as well as with a cute skirt. Here I paired them with a leather skirt and a basic t-shirt.

A controversial piece: the leather skirt 

The main focus in this look lies on the leather skirt, a piece that’s kind of always been around but has clearly had a revival in the last few years. And here’s the thing with leather skirts: They can look fab or cheap and especially when it comes to pleather it’s kind of hard to find one that doesn’t give you that “domina look“ - which I’m sure most of us don’t want to go for. I’ve been looking for a nice leather skirt for a really long time now and have never really felt comfortable wearing them, UNTIL I found this piece at the last ZARA sale. I was lucky enough to get this piece for only 10 euros and I just love the style of it. I must admit that it’s really short, so I always wear a pair of biking shorts underneath (the glamorous secrets of a fashion blogger haha) so nothing will show when I walk the stairs or when it’s a windy day. Still I think the stud detail and the little ruffles at the end are so cute and stylish. And what’s even more fun, is that my little Zebra bag matches it perfectly.

photos shot by Therubinrose / edited by me

How to wear a leather skirt 

Now when it comes to wearing a (p)leather skirt, you need to pay extra attention because yet again: you might end up looking like a domina if you don’t. Especially when you’re wearing a rather short skirt you need to make sure to keep it casual with everything else. I always stick to the well-known rule: Only accent one body part at a time. So in this case: Freaking much leg - ergo please no crazy cleavage. That’s why I chose to stick with the most basic t-shirt and very minimalistic shoes that only compliment the studs a little with their silver color, but aren’t too out there themselves. And of course to help you with your leather skirt choice I linked some of my faves and also some glitter shoes for you down below, as always. Happy shopping!

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