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Hi from Amsterdam! As much as I love the city (it’s one of my favorite cities in Europe), one thing I do not love is the weather here. I’ve been here for about 5 or 6 times so far and unfortunately no matter when I visited Amsterdam, the weather has always been a bit of a disappointment. The last time I was here - about 2 years ago - it was so cold and pouring rain and I only took summer clothes with me so I had to buy a whole new outfit for the rain.

But this time I seem to be lucky when it comes to the cold and rain, as so far it’s been comfortably dry around here. The weather perfectly fits the season at the moment, it’s this “transition from summer to fall“-ish weather. Not really cold, but not hot either. So it’s the perfect weather for my fluffy puffy Emu shoes. I already shot them about 2 weeks ago in Munich but still can’t live without them ever since, they’re so so soft, it feels as if I was walking on clouds. 

photos taken by Therubinrose / edited by me

This look actually over all is a really comfy one, as I paired my beloved mom jeans and a casual bomber jacket with it. I love these jeans so much but unfortunately I ripped them when I last put them on. You probably know the struggle when you somehow rip off the loops while pulling up your jeans - yeah, never a good idea. The bomber jacket is from Marie Lund and was gifted to me as a PR sample at an event a while back. When I got it I knew it would go perfectly well with some blue jeans, so I paired it with some mom jeans. The off-white shoes and my little Furla Julia compliment the white in the jacket. As I myself currently am in the search for a new pair of mom jeans I also linked some for you below. 

shoes via *PR Sample/Gifted

Mom Jeans Inpso

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