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red all-over outfit

Maximilianstraße, München, Deutschland 10/01/2017

If the news about this season’s ultimate it-color still haven’t reached you, you truly must be living under a rock, because it’s worn by everyone and seen everywhere lately. Yes, you guessed it, RED it is. And as if one red piece wasn’t enough of a color pop already, the new thing are RED ALL-OVER looks and I, I love them!

How to wear the color RED?

I think red is such a fabulous color which can be worn by pretty much anyone. Even if red all over is a bit too much for you, I’m sure you can at the very least pull off a red lip or red nails. It’s the color of passion, love and lust - if that doesn’t get you all excited and motivated I don’t know what will. The easiest and most everyday-life-friendly option is a red shirt, blouse or sweater like the one I’m wearing, paired with jeans, black trousers or a simple skirt. This way you make a statement without being too „out there“. For those of you who want to try something new, red trousers or skirts are a great option as well; just imagine it the other way round: red bottoms, simple top (e.g. a black turtle neck, simple black or white shirt/sweater). And of course there’s lots of amazing accessories like scarves, bags and jewelry that can easily give your outfit that special something.

How to wear the RED ALL-OVER look?

Now there might still be some of you intrigued by the idea of wearing a red all-over look but how do you best realize this idea? Of course it always depends on your personal taste but here I’d say there’s two ways to score with your red all-over outfit. You either go with the exact same shade of color, or you mix a classic red tone with a significantly darker shade of red. As for example in my outfit you can see, the sweater and pants are almost exactly the same color. That always works, not just with the color red. Although my accessories and the integrated belt give it a little bit of an edge as well. 
But now what to do if you’re not lucky enough to find a sweater matching your favorite red pants or the other way around? Another option is to mix of a dark red tone, like bordeaux with a classic red. This one’s of course the easier option because what could happen with option no. 1 is that you end up looking like you tried too hard if you don’t find pieces that hardly differ in color. If you mix two significantly different tones (and maybe even do some cool layering) people will know you actually intended on doing that and didn’t fail trying, if you know what I mean. 

When it comes to the shoes I personally decided to stick with the silver you can already see in my belt, just because red shoes on a pair of red pants and a red sweater would’ve simply been too much for me, but yet again it’s totally up to you and your very own taste. To help you out with finding your ideal red it-piece I (as always) linked some of my favorites for you to shop below. Let me know if you find any of these pieces interesting and what you think of the color red.

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  1. Wow, was für ein toller Look, die Farbe Rot steht Dir einfach super.
    Sehr schöne Bilder hast Du da wieder gemacht. Die Maxi ist natürlich auch eine tolle Kulisse.
    Hab einen wundervollen Abend <3
    Liebste Grüße,


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