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Turban Style - Have you ever tried this fun way of wearing your silk scarf?


As I’m half Persian, one thing that’s kind of always been part of my wardrobe are silk scares. It’s not even that I bought so many of them myself, but rather the fact that anyone who ever visited at least brought one or two from Iran. And when I was there myself in April I couldn’t get over the huge variety of beautiful scarves with all possible colors and patterns. One scarf that’s become a big favorite of mine is the one you can see in today’s outfit; it’s a scarf my aunt gave me in her boutique in Teheran. 

How to style a silk scarf

Of course scarves literally are a must wear in Iran (politics and all, no jokes) but I’d never in a million years decide wear a head scarf (the way Iranian women have to wear them) naturally. Still I really like the look of it so I figured out a few different ways to wear them as more of an accessory. First of all I love to use my silk scarves as a belt. There’s actually a photo of an outfit with a silk scarf as a belt on my Instagram, check that out to see what I’m talking about.
Another fun way to use my scarves is to twist them around the handles of my handbags or just leave them hanging on the side as a bag accessory. 
But my by far favorite way of wearing silk scarves is the one I’m showing you in today’s post! 

Here you can see I used it as a turban and it’s actually really easy to put on, you just twist it twice in the middle of your forehead and tie it in the back. I think it makes every outfit look so much more special and unique - it’s definitely an eye catcher! With the scarf I am also wearing two other pieces I brought from Teheran. First of this beautiful black blouse I also got from my aunt and secondly these super fun little shoes I got at a Bazaar in Teheran. The shoes obviously aren’t ones you’d wear daily but I think they look really cute in combination with the silk scarf/turban. What do you think of this head scarf style?

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