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quality over quantity: investing in classic pieces


One of my resolutions for  2018 is to buy less and to rather invest in some classic pieces than buy stuff  and to rather invest in some classic pieces than buy stuff just because it’s on sale. Although I still like to buy my clothes at shops like Zara, Asos and H&M I think it’s nice to shake things up and pair my, let’s say more affordable pieces with nice accessories made of good materials. So I quite recently started building my more valuable collection of classic items by buying my beloved Gucci belt, a pair of really cute and comfortable Tod’s booties and a black YSL shopper. In doing that I now own a few items that I can wear to almost every piece of clothing hanging in my wardrobe. The belt obviously glams up every look - in today’s look for example I am wearing a coat from ZARA that I got on sale for like ten euros about two years ago. The shoes go equally well with dresses, skirts and trousers and the shopper allows me to carry all of my stuff for uni and work with me and still looks super chic at all time.

And although some of these items really are on a more high-end scale in regards to the price, classic pieces don’t necessarily have to be super expensive! My boots for example I bought in an outlet for 70%, 70% !!! off; they ended up costing me around 170 euros. I mean 170 euros for Tod’s! So make sure to check out outlets or even second hand shops (online) if you’re looking for a specific item. I am actually also selling some of my handbags and clothes on a new website, it’s an online outlet called Catchys that has a new „shop in shop feature“ where you can create your own shop and sell your items next to big shops like Vestiaire collective. Make sure to check out my own shop on Catchys if you’re interested in what I’m selling on there! I think it just makes a lot more sense to invest in good-quality-items that really last you a long time instead of buying a whole bunch of cheap items that you don’t really like as much and that fall apart after a season or two. As for now I am quite happy with my little collection but another piece I really add to the everyday-classics is a black Acne scarf. What’s on your wishlist?

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